The #1 Producer & Supplier of Used Construction Mats in Truckload & Higher Quantities

Running a full mat rental fleet and offering a buyback on almost all mats we sell gives Totem Mats a large revolving inventory of Used Mats. Used Mats are graded by Totem professionals who have looked at tens of thousands of mats and are able to abide by strict grading policies to ensure consistency both on the outside of the mat as well as the internal integrity of the wood. We stand behind our product and if there is ever something that doesn’t meet our customer’s expectation, we will do whatever it takes to ensure a happy outcome. We offer three different grades of mats based on the following criteria, and all Used Mats sold come with pictures to make sure you know what you’re getting.

Grade A Used Mats

  • Mats have minimal wear
  • All timbers are intact
  • No missing or bent rods
  • Mats are generally less than 6 months old with only one use

Grade B Used Mats

  • Mats have more wear and tear than A grade mats
  • All rods must be intact, however one may be slightly bent or damaged
  • All mats maintain structural integrity and have at least 1-2 uses left if not more
  • Mats have at least 1-2 uses left in them if not more

Grade C Used Mats

  • Mats have significant wear
  • May have a broken timber and/or bent/missing rods
  • Mats are not intended for structural use, however make excellent foundation or runner mats
  • We specialize in bulk quantities of used mats from a full truckload all the way up to tens of thousands of mats.

What’s the Price of Used Mats?

Used mats pricing can be challenging to pinpoint due to some highly variable factors. Notably, the time frame, quantity, and location all have major influences on the the price of used mats. Other factors include whether you intend to buy, rent, or lease. If you have additional questions about used mats prices, contact us and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote.

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