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Offering a unique solution to many problems posed to standard wooden mats, composite mats are built out of high-density polyethylene material eliminating issues such as dry rot, bug infestation, soil cross-contamination and slippage in wet conditions. Totem Mats offers a comparable Composite Mat for all sizes of available Wooden Mats.

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What are Composite Mats?

  • Event Matting is lighter duty and smaller, allowing it to even be moved by hand. Used in both indoor and outdoor applications, on grass, turf, dirt or mud, event mats allow for coverage of any type of area without having to worry about using heavy equipment for installation.
  • Standard Composite Mats are generally 4” thick and 8’x14’ in width and length. These offer a suitable replacement for the Laminated or even 8” Timber Mats. Interlocking, able to handle full size equipment, treaded traction surface and extremely durable ensure you’ll be taken care of for any project. Different brands available for specific project needs.
  • Heavy Duty Composite Mats are manufactured for the heaviest duty applications and can replace 12” Crane Mats on any job. At 7” thick they have more structural integrity than a 12” wooden mat, and will last significantly longer. Built in 16’, 18’ and 20’ lengths, they are what gets the job done when the big equipment is on hand.
  • New, used, rentals and buyback program are all available for any Composite Mats.
  • We specialize in bulk quantities of composite mats from a full truckload all the way up to tens of thousands of mats.

What’s the Price of Composite Mats?

Composite mats pricing can be challenging to pinpoint due to some highly variable factors. Notably, the time frame, quantity, and location all have major influences on the the price of composite mats. Other factors include whether you intend to buy, rent, or lease, and if you are looking for new or used mats. If you have additional questions about composite mats prices, contact us and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote.

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