When it comes to mats, there is no such thing as a standard project, each one differs in its own way. Totem Mats recognizes that one of those variations is how mat costs are allocated to each job, and we strive to offer option to best fit each varying project. We provide an opportunity to rent instead of an outright purchase.  Utilizing a rental instead of an outright purchase is one of those ways. Generally, rentals are 30, 60 or 90 days, but we can customize anything from a weekly rental to a long term annual rental. With over 80 inventory locations we have all types and sizes of mats across the country, and one is bound to be close to your job which will save you on freight. We are also up front about the actual costs of the rental without any hidden pieces at the end, including not charging for broken or destroyed mats as long as they are returned.

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