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There are cranes, and then there are multi-million pound cranes and drill rigs. These big boys need something even more heavy duty than a 12” Crane Mat, which is where Rig Mats come in. Encased in steel I-beams with wood inserts, Rig Mats handle the heaviest loads out there.

What are Steel Framed Rig Mats?

  • Also referred to as Drilling Mats, Steel Mats, Rig Mats, Etc.
  • Standard sizes in stock: 8’x20’, 30’ and 40’ in 3 or 4 beam.
  • Wood inserts available in Hardwoods, Douglas Fir, Pine, Hemlock, Aspen or Spruce.
  • New, used, rentals and buyback program are all available for any Steel Framed Rig Mats.
  • We specialize in bulk quantities of steel-framed rig mats from a full truckload all the way up to tens of thousands of mats.

What’s the Price of Steel-Framed Rig Mats?

Steel-framed rig mats pricing can be challenging to pinpoint due to some highly variable factors. Notably, the time frame, quantity, and location all have major influences on the the price of steel-framed rig mats. Other factors include whether you intend to buy, rent, or lease, and if you are looking for new or used mats. If you have additional questions about steel-framed rig mats prices, contact us and we’ll gladly provide you with a quote.

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