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Built out of 8” thick timbers, Digging Mats are used to build cost effective roadways and work areas in unstable environments for all different sizes of equipment. Used largely in the pipeline and transmission line industries, Digging Mats have also found uses in numerous other industries including wind and hydro construction, barge, logging and environmental remediation.

How Many Digging Mats Fit on One Truckload?

Size Approx. Qty Per Full TruckLoad Approx. Weight Per Mat
8″x4’x16′ 20 digging mats 2,300 lbs
8″x4’x18′ or 8″x4’x20′ 17 or 18 digging mats 2,750 lbs

What are Digging Mats?

  • Also referred to as Timber Mats, Dragline Mats, Construction Mats, Pipeline Mats, Excavator Mats, etc.
  • Standard sizes in stock: 8”x4’x16’, 18’ and 20’.
  • Digging Mats are generally made out of Hardwoods, however are also available in Hemlock, Douglas Fir and Pine.
  • Exposed bolts or solid mats available depending on the project requirements.
  • New mats, used mats, rentals and buyback program are all available for Digging Mats.
  • Custom lengths and widths available.
  • We specialize in bulk quantities of digging mats from a full truckload all the way up to tens of thousands of mats.

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